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Making the Most of Your Orlando to Tampa Trip: 10 Things You Must Do

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Orlando to Tampa: 10 Things to do Orlando to Tampa: 10 Things to do

Planning An Orlando to Tampa Trip: 10 Things to Do

While it's only a two-hour bus ride from Orland to Tampa, there's plenty to do between the two place.

Central Florida is a beautiful place to adventure. And if you're going to ride between two of Florida's greatest cities, you really should take advantage of what's in between.

While you ride, you're going to show you ten amazing and fun things you must stop and do. And believe us, these are great!

1. Orlando To Tampa: Watch Some Spring Training At The ESPN Wide World Of Sports

Just As you're heading out of Orlando to Tampa, Florida, you'll see this wonderous place on your right.

It's situated among everything Disney Orlando has to offer. And it's called the ESPN Wide World Of Sports.

This is a facility that has every sport you could imagine. From Baseball to Track and Field to Lacross and Cheer and Dance.

Depending on what time of year you're heading to Tampa, you can catch a different sport each time.

During the Spring you can catch the Atlanta Braves playing their spring training games. And in March of 2017, you can catch the International All-Star cheer championships.

If you're not passing through during a game or event, you can eat at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Grill, or tour the different complexes before shopping at the Clubhouse.

2. Fly High At The Orlando Tree Trek

A little farther on your trip from Orlando to Tampa is your chance to zip, climb and skate through a Florida jungle.

If you're afraid of heights, then this might not be for you, but anyone who wants the thrill should stop at the Orlando Tree Trek on their way.

This aerial obstacle course will have you swing on Tarzan ropes, climb ladders 50 feet above the ground, ride a skateboard in the sky, and many other things.

Don't worry, though, you're secured to a line with sturdy rope and a harness. We wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't safe enough.

The challenges get tougher as you go, and you can get off anytime you want, unlike some of Orlando's other rides. (Thank's, Tower of Terror.)

And, what's awesome is that at the end of your challenge, you get to soar through the air on a 425-foot zip line through the forest.

3. Visit The Circle B Bar Reserve In Lakeland

If you're looking to get some nature on your way from Orlando to Tampa, then stop at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida.

About a third of the way between Orland and Tampa, this reserve has been restored to protect the floodplain portion of Lake Hancock.

It features the Aligator Alley Trail, and the Marsh Rabbit run. These are unpaved trails that either go to Lake Hancock or circle through the Banana Creek Marsh.

Bring your binoculars because you'll see some beautiful birds and Alligators here.

Just don't go for a swim, we wouldn't want you to become the next Captain Hook.

4. For A More Structured Natural Setting Go To Hollis Garden

If alligators and swamps aren't your thing, stop at the Hollis Botanical Garden on your way from Orlando to Tampa.

It too is in Lakeland, Florida and it's a neo-classical garden with beautiful Spanish porticoes. 

It features over 10,000 different species of plants and flower. And you can see your reflection in the Lake Mirror.

It's a full 1.2 bit of land that's tended by the city of Lakeland. 

5. Peruse The Famous Architecture At The Sharp Family Tourism And Education Center

If you're a student of Architecture or a closet design buff, you might want to stop here.

The Sharp Family Tourism and Education Center was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2012. And for a very good reason.

It's home to several buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect from the 1920's.

The center is home to a permanent display of photos, furniture, and drawings of Wright's relationship to the college there.

And it often features traveling Wright exhibits from time to time.

6. Live The Airman's Dream At Fantasy of Flight

Love everything about airplanes? Then stop at Fantasy of Flight on your trip from Orlando to Tampa.

It's a massive hangar full of the world's largest private collection of vintage aircraft.

It also serves as flight history museum featuring over 100 years of flight history.

And if you have a spare $70, you can ride a historic biplane over the orange groves of Florida. The flight is only 15 minutes, but it's well worth the price.

7. Face The Big Cat

If you're almost into Tampa on your way from Orlando to Tampa, then stop at the Big Cat Rescue.

Lions and tigers and...not bears, oh my! 

The reserve is actually home to over 80 big cats. And they are all rescued from abandonment or the fur industry or even from circus performers. 

Go ahead, get up close. We dare you. Just don't run. Cats like to chase things.

8. Are You The One For Me Manatee?

Didn't have enough money to go to SeaWorld? That's ok. The Manatee Viewing Center has a lot of the same things (except Shamu, sorry, only SeaWorld has Shamu).

You can see Manatees and pet Rays at least. And you can see Tampa from their awesome viewing tower.

9. Escape A Room In Tampa

Ever wish you could crawl inside an adventure-puzzle computer game? Well, now, you essentially can.

There are eight different themed escape rooms in Tampa, each with a unique theme.

Pretend you are Sherlock Holmes or escape a prison.

It's up to you, but don't rot in there forever.

10. You Can't Miss The Busch

Once you've done Disney and Universal over in Orlando a few times, you need something new.

And as long as your going from Orland to Tampa, you might as well end your trip with a thrill.

Busch Gardens is one of Florida's premier adventure theme parks.

With both rides and 12,000 animals in the park, you won't get bored.


When riding from Orlando to Tampa through central Florida, you'll see and get to do so many amazing things. We couldn't list them all here. But there are plenty of resources online.

If you're looking for a way to get from Orlando to Tampa, book a ride with us today.

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