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The Perks of Hiring Private Transportation Services

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The Perks of Hiring Private Transportation Services | Florida Shuttle Now The Perks of Hiring Private Transportation Services | Florida Shuttle Now

The Perks of Hiring Private Transportation Services

Whether you are looking for some privacy or to save time, private transportation services are a great option for traveling. Learn about the perks here.


Some people have a passion for traveling. There's nothing they love more than going on trips throughout the country or even across the globe. It's their favorite thing to do.

However, traveling can be an extremely stressful experience for certain individuals. These people look for any possible way to make their trips less of a headache and more enjoyable.

One great option that can help relieve travelers of stress is using private transportation services. 

Most people today turn to Uber, Lyft, or even public transportation when they need to get around while they're on a trip. They believe that these are the best and easiest ways to explore an area.  

However, there are so many benefits to having your own private car or private shuttle while you are on a trip. In fact, you may discover that you enjoy private transportation services much more than the other methods you have used before.

So what are these benefits of private transportation services? Read on to learn more about the impressive types of perks that these services have to offer.

What Are Private Transportation Services?

Private transportation services are shuttles or cars that are provided by a local company in the area you are visiting.

For these services, you cannot book a reservation last minute like you do with Uber and Lyft. Typically, you must place your order for a car or shuttle at least 24 hours before your planned trip.

While Uber and Lyft drivers are usually average people, drivers for these services come from a professional staff. Driving you is not a side job for them, a way to make extra money. It is their full-time profession.

Constant Professionalism From Drivers

As mentioned above, private transportation drivers are professionals in the truest sense of the word. 

Their goal is not to drive as many people as possible in an allotted time. They won't try to rush you out of their cars or speed while you're inside of them.

These drivers are totally reflective of the company that you have hired. Their mission is to give you the most positive and personal travel experience that you can have. You won't need to worry about any potential incidents

For these types of services and their drivers, it's all about the quality of rides. It's not about the quantity of them.

Minimize Travel Time and Stress

Everyone hates having to wait around for a bus, taxi, or a car from Uber or Lyft. You just want to get to your destination on time without any hassle.

These types of problems are why some travelers decide to rent a car. However, renting a car can be costly. Plus, trying to navigate roads that you have never driven before can cause you a ton of stress.

That's why private transportation services are the best choice.

When you book a car or shuttle, you are the company's sole focus. They will make sure that their drivers come early to pick you up so that you're never stuck waiting. 

These companies also make sure that their drivers know the fastest and easiest routes so that you don't have to deal with traffic or worry about giving directions.

They will make sure that you are on time for whatever activity you have planned. They'll also get you to where you need to go in the shortest amount of time possible. You can't beat that.


The cost is less than you think

Compared to Uber or Lyft or even a taxi, private shuttle transportation services are very cost effective for groups from 5-15 passengers. While Uber & Lyft typically can only provide travel for groups up to 7 people, Florida Shuttle Now can provide private shuttle vans for up to 15 passengers and luggage. To compare we pulled rates from Uber, Lyft and Florida Shuttle Now for a trip from Disney World in Orlando Florida to the cruise terminal in Port Canaveral FL:


Disney to Port Canaveral - One Way Per Person

 Passengers  Uber Lyft Florida Shuttle Now
Up to 5 $60  72 112 
 6-10   $100   121  189
 11-14  N/A  N/A  293


The cost for 10 people with a private shuttle is $18.90 per person while uber is the same (up to 7 people maximum) and lyft is more expensive. Since Uber or Lyft cannot handle parties over 7 people plus luggage, a private transportation van around Florida for groups from 7-15 or larger is not just convenient, but also very cost effective.


Quality of the Car or Shuttle

It's well-known by most people that the quality of certain types of public transportation can be lacking. Buses, trains, and subways are not always the cleanest or most comfortable ways to travel through a city or state.

However, these quality concerns can also continue when travelers are using taxis or vehicles from Uber or Lyft.

There's no guarantee that the drivers will maintain their cars before picking up passengers. There also can be problems during the ride that a customer may not have expected. 

For example, what if a taxi or car has a certain odor that bothers you? The driver may not let you put the windows down so that fresh air can come into the car.

Another possibility is that the driver plays music too loudly and won't turn it down if you ask him or her. The music could distract the driver from the road if he or she is using an iPod or iPhone. The noise might also leave you with a headache.

When you use private transportation services, these problems almost never happen. The companies' drivers cater to your wants and needs.

If you want the windows down, the driver will put them down. If you want the radio off, the driver will turn it off.

The insides of these cars and shuttles are also kept in the very best quality possible. The companies usually make sure that each vehicle is inspected and cleaned before it's put into use.

Many times, drivers for these services will also provide customers with complimentary refreshments. You will be able to sit back, relax, and have a bottle of water or a soft drink of your choice while you head towards your destination.

Establish A Relationship With the Company

When you are satisfied with how someone provides a particular service, you will want to use that service again and again.

For example, once you find a barber or hairdresser that cuts your hair the way you like it, you will continue seeing them every time you need a haircut. The same can be said about finding the right car or shuttle service.

You never know what you're going to get when you call for a cab, Uber, or Lyft. Your ride totally depends on the driver.

With these private transportation services, though, you get the same experience every time.

Some companies will even let you select the same driver if he or she is available. That type of consistency is a perk you can't pass up.

Will you be traveling to Florida sometime soon? Do you want to be able to explore the state in a more stress-free way?

We can help! Contact us and book your shuttle bus reservation right now!

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