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Orlando to Tampa: Travel Photo Tips from a frequent traveler.

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Many years ago whenever travel photos are taken, they end up mostly in the box, these days they end up in on social media and other digital formats Why? The answer is so simple, it is because these pictures when taken are often not breathtaking, and they are not amazing and can’t even make you feel their importance. The reason for this is that one needs to be aware of the professional ways travel pictures are taken. I do not intend to make you a professional photographer before you can take better travel photos, so I did rather say preferential ways that travel pictures should be taken, especially during a short road trip like from Orlando to Tampa.

There are numerous ways to capture the essence of your travel scenes; there are many comparative ways to look at the scene and the device with which you use to take your photos. I will like to emphasize on the scene and the position, together with the timing. I won’t dwell so much on the device and the device numerous functions that can help you capture an outstanding photo that won’t end up in boxes or the hard disc. According to a professional travel photographer Cole Rise, he talks about the secrets of subtle editing and how to get DSLR-worthy photos with an emphasis on the device and the device functions. But I find this professional analysis of the proper use of your camera in taking travel photos too complex especially during a fun road trip from the beautiful city of Orlando to the lovely town of Tampa.

I will rather focus on a more general approach to getting the best out of your travel photos that will pull them out of the boxes and win you friends, followers, and likes on social media. I intend to follow the path of another specialist travel photographer Lisa Limer who explains how to get better travel photos that are precious, the very best,  photos that are somehow more enduring or more interesting with just the scenes that you chooses to capture, who you should capture in your travel photos, how you should capture your travel photos and I think most importantly; the views to best capture the sensation of your trip that would be more visually interesting than the regular snapshot you often get.

Orlando to tampa travel photo advice 1Have you ever wondered if there are really preferential ways to take pictures while you are traveling? Well for some obvious reasons there are. Professional photography is done with a lot of precision and timing. And there are numerous ways to go about taking pictures whether it is for travel, entertainment, business, news, sport or whatever field of life. Turning your adventures and travel photos into an awesome piece of value will take a lot of practice but I Intend to tell you how my research into the basic ways of transforming, any travel picture you snap into a great shot, will make you a good travel photo in no time.

  • Most photographers spent a large amount of time to practice their art and learn the trade secret of taking an amazing motion or still pictures, photography is a skill that takes time, effort, and practice to master. Try to take some time out of your weekend to practice how to make great photos; it is not only a fun activity but a great way to exercise as well while learning something worthwhile.
  • The trick to taking the best travel photo is to let the scene come to you naturally. Don’t prepare the scene ahead of time; let the scenes come natural and let t impact on the integrity of your photos. Whenever the scene is preplanned, you may lose the excitement and this could affect the perception of the photo since traveling unwrap mysteries, capture the sudden sight as they appear to make your photos come alive.
  • Use humans whenever you can! Landscapes are better with people in them. Try and include as many humans in your photos as you possibly can. Landscapes are better captured in arts than in photos except if it is archeological or architectural. Ensure that you aim to put life into your travel photos to make them more enduring.
  • Bringing your phone right to the edge when taking photos that have a base surface like water will make you capture great views that can be really breathtaking. Move closer don’t zoom closer. The difference is that you will be able to capture the shot at the same level if you move closer to a water surface than you would get if you zoom in. This can also create cool reflective effects.

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  • When snapping for travel photos, snap in landscape view to ensuring that you capture wider views and more objects. Since it is a travel photo, people will always wonder what is happening around and portrait view won’t be able to show more of the scenes that could be more interesting than the focus object. It is therefore professionally right to capture your travel photos in landscape views unless it is otherwise necessary.
  • Knowing your location ahead of time will help you make the most of your travel photos as you will be able to make the adequate timing of your shots in other to make them emerge better. By knowing your location, you won’t miss anything that is supposed to be caught as you will be ready, aiming and snapping the shots that can bring all your travel photo to a perfect piece.
  • The lightening has everything to do with your travel photo. Choose the best time to have your photo usually in bright light and as the sun rises, at sunset, the shadow is cast and this will affect the quality of your image so it is very important to use very bright lights, cause in photography everyone depends on light and light enhances the quality of your photograph. Your sensitivity is what is important and you have got to be aware of that.
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