Airport Transfers, Door to Door Transportation and many other Florida Destinations:

Our shuttle bus transportation reach many Florida Destinations including Airports, Seaports and Cities!


Florida Shuttle Now provides convenient Airport Transfers and Door to Door shuttle bus transportation to every major Florida travel destinations. Whether or not you need shuttle transportation for a group, individual or family; Florida Shuttle Now can bring you to your destination by both shared or private shuttle bus. 

Last Minute Reservations: To book a Shuttle Bus in less than 24 hours please call 1-888-540-0814 for availability.


Choose the Right Transportation Service for your needs:


Shared Shuttle Bus Airport Transfers and Door to Door

Shared Shuttle Bus


Private Shuttle Bus on Airport Transfers and Door to Door

Private Shuttle Transportation

For economical rates less than driving a car, we offer most major Florida Travel Destinations. At your convenience and comfort the Florida Shuttle Bus departs at scheduled times to and from over 40 majors Florida cities.  Florida Shuttle Now Private Transportation services offers the flexibilitiy to be picked up anywhere by door to door transportation. The private transportation shuttle can get you to any Florida destinations at your own time. 
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Our Guide Airport Transfers and Florida Travel Destinations

Florida is renowned for its top tourist destinations and is visited by millions of people yearly. From its white sandy beaches to the world famous theme parks, Florida is the premier destination for vacationers. Many vacationers take advantage of Florida's wide variety of airport transfers and door to door transportation options to reach their destinations. Year after year, Florida vacations are top rated amongst destinations and continue to be a lot of fun for families and vacationers of all ages. 

Top Airports served by our Florida Travel Destinations

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There are several approaches to save your ticket for one of our Florida Travel Destinations

Florida Shuttle Now features both private door to door transportation and daily shared shuttle bus to our Florida Travel Destinations including our popular locations such as:
Our Florida Private Transportation Shuttle will take you anywhere you or your family needs to go. To save BIG on your next trip ORLANDO TO MIAMI MAKE YOUR RESERVATION NOW

How to make a Reservation things to keep in mind when visiting one of our Florida Travel Destinations:

1. Online Reservation System: Two types - Daily Shared Transportation and Private Transportation. It is that simple!

2. Phone Reservations: By calling 1-888-540-0814. We are open from 6:00am to 9:00pm for your convenience.

3. Luggage Policy Information: First 2 checked bags are included in fare. The first bag up to 50lbs and second would be the carry on. Any additional bags up to 2 with same requirements would be assessed and additional fee.

Most importantly, we wish you a wonderful and enjoyable stay in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida full of beautiful weather, entertainment, relaxation and memories for a lifetime. No matter which Florida Destination we can help you reach we wish you a great time.







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